The Beauty Box has a unique take on a nail polish formula

Business Insider The BeautyBox, the nail polish brand’s new beauty line, offers a unique way of creating an intense color-matched nail polish base.

The brand’s newest beauty collection, The Beautybox, is designed to be layered, as well as applied to nails and lips.

The Beautyboxes “nail polish formula” uses a variety of products to create a color-matching effect, including acrylic pigments and highlighters, nail polishes, and even mascara.

It’s a way to give nail polish a new, more dramatic look, while also adding a more subtle touch.

The new collection is available in a variety different nail polish colors, and you can get them all in-store.

For example, the Beautybox “nails,” which include an ivory, brown, and silver base, will be available in three different colors: a gold base, a light gold base with a metallic shimmer, and a gold and blue base.

The shades will be a shade of your choice and are currently limited to 100 pieces. 

The beautybox also has a “lip gloss” and “facial powder” palette, which are available for $9.99 a piece, and each contains 10 different shades.

For a complete collection, you’ll also have to spend $29.99 on a set of six individual beauty products.

For more information, visit or follow the brand on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

You can also check out more of the brand’s nail polish and makeup products on its website.

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