Royal Boutique dresses from 2016: All the new models

Royal Boutiques, a retail chain based in London, will open its first new store in London’s Kensington Market.

The company, which launched in January, said it would open three stores in Kensington in 2017.

The stores will be dedicated to “fashion, beauty, jewellery, luxury and the latest in luxury, design and technology”.

The new stores will offer “a diverse range of women’s and children’s fashion and accessories”, the company said.

“We are excited to partner with Royal Boutiquets to create the largest retail store in the UK,” said Kate McManus, head of retail at Boots, Boots & Pantry.

“They are leading the way in offering a wide range of fashionable fashion to our customers and we are looking forward to working with them to further expand the range.”

The company said it planned to expand into the UK’s fashion market, with an aim of opening a second store in Liverpool’s trendy West End by 2021.

“In addition to our new store at Kensington, we are expanding our portfolio of luxury boutiques in the West End,” the company added.

“The West End is home to one of the world’s most famous and acclaimed fashion boutiques, Royal Boutix, and we look forward to expanding our offerings to further showcase the fashion and lifestyle of the West.”

“With its unique mix of luxury brands, the West Bank, the Palestinian territories, Israel, the Middle East and Africa, the market is a fantastic place to invest in the future of luxury, beauty and fashion in the Middle Eastern and North African markets,” said Sarah Taylor, senior vice president of global business development at Boots.

In 2017, Boots partnered with Royal Couture to open a second boutique in the fashionable West End, and plans to open more stores in the region.

The new Kensington store will offer women’s fashion, jewellery, accessories, footwear, fashion, home goods and lifestyle.

“We’re excited to bring a range of new products and new services to our Kensington retail space,” said the company.

“From a boutique and lifestyle experience, to more traditional retail, we look to offer an easy and seamless shopping experience for our customers.”

Royal Couture said it was delighted to have the opportunity to partner closely with Boots, as they were committed to creating a “world-class shopping experience”.

“It’s a great opportunity to grow our business and to work with Boots on our new Kensham store,” said Adnan Kherab, vice president and general manager of Royal Coutures.

Earlier this year, Boots announced a $2bn investment in a new flagship store in Dubai, which it said would create more than 1,000 jobs in the UAE.

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