What we know about the next three NHL teams heading to Toronto

The NHL is moving closer to finalizing the expansion draft with the announcement that the Maple Leafs will be added to the mix.

With their team in the NHL for the first time in two decades, the Leafs will join the expansion ranks in 2020.

Toronto is scheduled to host the 2020 NHL Draft in Toronto, where the Maple Leaf logo will be used for all future expansion draft picks.

The first-round pick will be awarded to the second-place team in each of the first two rounds.

The third-place and fourth-place picks will be decided by lottery.

The pick will not be awarded at the NHL Draft Lottery, which was announced Thursday afternoon by President and CEO Kevin Payne.

The announcement comes less than a month after the Leafs announced they were moving from the AHL to the NHL and that they would be adding an expansion team to their franchise.

Toronto has been an NHL city for nearly two decades and will be entering its fourth season with the franchise in 2020-21.

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