How to Be a Girl with a Bit of a Cocktail (Part 2)

Now that Julie’s boutique has returned, she is back with a new look, but her style hasn’t changed at all.

Her black lace gown is a bit on the plain side, but she also adds a little bit of glamour to the outfit with a bit of glitter and a bit more lace.

I have to admit I am a bit intimidated by the sheerness of this dress, but I can see how it could be very chic on a Saturday night and on a weekend morning, when everyone is out.

Julie is a new face to the boutique scene and the first thing I noticed was how her makeup is not too over the top.

Her eyeliner and blush are subtle and her lipstick looks natural and not too much of a “glamour” product.

She has a cute little mini skirt, and her dress is also a little short so I can definitely see how she could have used a little extra help.

I like the way she goes with the accessories, too, and she has a little black purse with some sparkly pieces for her earrings and necklaces.

Julie’s new look is a lot of fun and very pretty, and I think she could use some more help with her dress styling.

If you are a bit unsure about buying a dress for your girl, I highly recommend checking out Julie’s blog for her new look as well as her previous boutique.

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