How to keep Diva from taking over ESPN

Diva is a great addition to ESPN’s lineup and she will provide more coverage of women’s tennis.

However, the brand could become a distraction for some viewers and could cause problems for the company’s live coverage.

The new line-up includes Serena Williams, Serena, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Venus and Milos Raonic.

Serena and Serena have been the focus of criticism since the brand first launched in 2012.

Serene Williams was booed off the court during the first round of the Australian Open when she walked off court with a tennis racket in her hand and a camera crew.

The Serena boycott is an issue for the brand because Serena has been critical of the brand since she first started playing tennis.

She has said the brand is “toxic” and “a bad influence” on tennis players and coaches.

The brand’s chief operating officer, Marc Ecko, was in London for the Women’s Open on Monday when he received a call from the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who called the Serena controversy “very bad.”

He also told Ecko that he would not be able to attend the match because he would be “wasting my time.”

Serena is not the only tennis player who has been the target of criticism.

Serenna is the only player who hasn’t been banned for her use of a banned substance.

But Serena also has been criticized for being a big draw at the world championships.

Serene Williams has received criticism from Serena’s father, Andy, for her decision to join the Serendipity Tour, which is not a sanctioned tennis tour and has not had any tournament success.

The tour is a way for the younger Serena to get exposure for her talent.

Sergio Perez, a senior vice president at WME-IMG, the rights holder for the Serenina brand, said the Serenes will be part of the tour, but not in the same way as other female athletes.

“It is not necessarily the same as what we’ve seen in the past,” Perez told ESPN.

“It is something we are exploring.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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