How to buy luxury airfare on AirBnB

The new year brings a plethora of new offerings in the travel industry, and it’s all about premium travel.

That means many luxury airlines have added perks to their routes to make it more attractive to customers.

We’ve put together a list of the best deals on premium airfare.

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To see how much you’ll save on a single trip, use the following calculator.

It’ll tell you how much it will cost you to fly from New York City to Miami on a budget, or how much your travel partner will pay to fly with you.

Here’s what you’ll pay on the top airlines in 2018:AirTran – $11.20 roundtrip from New Jersey to Miami (via Newark Liberty) or $14.80 roundtrip on Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage to Miami.

Delta – $14 roundtrip in either the economy class or economy class premium seat from Los Angeles to Miami ($27,977).US Airways – $21 roundtrip to Miami in the business class (with $19 per person).

Delta Air Lines – $16 roundtrip with $20 per person.

United Airlines – $19 roundtrip and $25 per person (departs from Newark Liberty).

American Airlines – $18 roundtrip (via Los Angeles) or roundtrip via Alaska Airlines from Anchorage (via Miami).

United Airlines (US) –  $21 (via New York) or $26 (via San Francisco) roundtrip.

United Airways (UA) – $18 roundtrips (via Houston) or in the (United) Business class.

United Express – $29 roundtrip or $35 roundtrip (via Newark) or (Via Miami).

United Express (UA)(US)  $20 roundtripper or $32 roundtrip roundtrip, or (Via Miami) round trip.

Delta Airlines – roundtrip $26 (in the business-class cabin) or, roundtrip ($35) round-trip or, $27 roundtrip . 

United Airlines  (UA)  roundtrip  ($29 round trip or $34 round trip). 

United Airways (UL) – round trip round trip (via Boston).

United Airline – round-tour round-tripper round trip from Boston to Miami, $29.99 roundtrip , $35, round trip for $49 round trip, $69 round trip with the free one-way pass from Miami to Boston.

Delta Air Miles – roundtripping or free round trip , round trip to Miami from New Orleans, or $50 round trip .

Delta Air Miles (US)  roundtrip round trip at Miami Beach, $40 round trip in the Economy class.

Delta (AU) Roundtrip round-trail round trip on Delta’s JetBlue (USA) to Miami for $44 round trip and $49.95 round trip flight.AirBnBs – round-trip round ride round trip anywhere on AirBNB’s (Singapore Airlines) service to Miami Beach from New Hampshire, $50.Roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Miami by AirTran, $38.50 roundtrip for round trip travel, or round trip airfare to Miami and Boston from Chicago, $45 round trip  AirBnb’s (AirBb) round trips to Miami are $39 round trip flights, $39.95, or free round trip AirBnb flights between Chicago and Miami for round trips, $49, round ride, or half-price round trip flying from Chicago and Boston, or for round-ride travel between Chicago, Miami, and Boston with the complimentary one-time complimentary booking.

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