When Betsey Davis finally reveals her next role – the new ‘Bev’

The world has never been more desperate for Betsey “Betty” Davis.

So desperate that when she revealed her next big role in the hit Netflix show “Bev,” she was almost immediately criticized by people in the entertainment industry who wanted to make sure she wasnt being paid like a professional.

That same sentiment was echoed by her peers, too, who were quick to criticize her choice to be the “Bravest Little Mistress.”

And now Betsey is giving us the definitive look into her next move as a female star.

On Tuesday, Betsey was in Los Angeles promoting the latest season of the popular Bravo series “Bachelor in Paradise” when a fan called her at the Beverly Hilton and asked her what it was like to play Betsey.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,'” Betsey told TMZ.

“They were like, “Betsey Davis is starring in a new reality show called Betsey’s Bizarre.

“Betsey has been starring on the Bravo reality series for five seasons.

She’s been dating her new husband Ryan Phillippe since the season premiere of the season.

“We were all excited.” “

People loved it,” Betsey said.

“We were all excited.”

So now Betty is stepping into a role that’s almost exclusively female.

“The show was very much about a woman being in a male-dominated industry, but I wanted to do something that was something different,” Betty said.

She added that she was nervous when she first auditioned for the role because she thought it might seem like “I’m trying to make it feel like I’m a bitch,” but she quickly realized that it wasn’t her role.

“It’s definitely not the way I want to play,” Betys co-star Alexia De La Torre said.

She can do what she wants and it’s all a game. “

You’re going to see her be the queen, you’re going the boss, and she’s going to have her own private life.

She can do what she wants and it’s all a game.

I’m just so grateful to have been able to play a role like that.”

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