What you need to know about the new flu vaccine

What’s the new influenza vaccine? 

It’s a new vaccine, but not the one that everyone was expecting. 

Here are some things you need know about it.1.

Who is getting it? 

People between the ages of 12 and 64 who are currently not vaccinated can get the flu shot. 

The shot can be taken by anyone who has not received the vaccine for at least six months. 

Anyone who has had a flu vaccine in the past year can get vaccinated.2.

Why does it cost so much? 

The new flu shot costs about $400, and the price tag is expected to rise over time. 

People who are getting the vaccine will pay an additional $50 per month.3.

What’s it called? 

There are four vaccines: the quadrivalent, pneumococcal, pneumonic and influenza vaccines. 

Each one is administered by a healthcare provider. 

It has been around since 1999. 


What are the side effects of the flu vaccine?

The new vaccines are designed to prevent the spread of the influenza virus. 

Some people get more of the virus than others, and if you have a history of getting flu, you can also be protected against flu by getting a second dose. 

Flu is known to cause respiratory infections, fever, cough and other symptoms. 

You can’t be protected from flu if you’ve had a cold, or if you are allergic to any part of the vaccine. 


How does the flu go from the flu to the flu?

The flu shot goes from the virus to the body in about three days. 

This is called the “long-term protection”. 

The first shots are administered by healthcare providers in hospitals, where they can examine the patient. 

Once the vaccine is administered, the body will then take the influenza vaccine to the brain, where it will be used to fight off the virus.

It takes about a week for the body to start to process the vaccine, and after a few days, the virus is no longer present. 


How many shots is it?

The vaccine is given every two weeks, which means there is about two weeks between each dose.

The first shot is administered in hospitals. 


Can I take two doses of the new vaccine at the same time?



Will the flu be better than the old flu?

Yes, the flu is a much better virus than the flu you have. 

There is no flu vaccine that is 100% effective, but people should try to get vaccinated as soon as possible, and get tested if they get sick. 


Do I need a flu shot?


If you are having symptoms or you think you have flu, talk to your healthcare provider, or seek medical attention right away. 


Does the vaccine work? 


The vaccine has been proven to prevent flu and to prevent people from getting sick from the cold and flu, and it also helps protect against the coronavirus. 


How can I get vaccinated?

You can get your flu shot from your healthcare providers, pharmacies, emergency rooms and other healthcare facilities. 


Will I need to get a flu jab?

No, the vaccine can be given to anyone who is eligible to get the vaccine and get vaccinated in their first six months of life. 


Can the flu jab be taken without a needle?

Yes – the flu has no needles. 


How much does the vaccine cost?

The cost of the quadrrivalent flu vaccine is $400. 


Will this flu vaccine make a difference in the pandemic?

Yes it will, because the vaccine has the ability to stop the spread and prevent more infections. 

However, people who are already getting the flu and those who have a previous flu shot can still get the shot.

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