What to do if you lose your keys in a hotel room, a store, or even a car?

The buzzy luxury boutique air has been the target of many disgruntled travellers and is no doubt a common occurrence.

As one reader wrote: I’m very lucky to have my keys in the boutique.

I have a car but my car keys were taken.

I had to find somewhere else to go and then found a hotel, which I can’t believe I’m stuck here for 4 days without having keys.

I have no clue where to go.

I feel like a total loser.

I’m trying to find a hotel but the hotel keys are not there.

I am stuck in the hotel room with the hotel key.

This is not a nice feeling.

There are no hotel rooms, but I can try to use my car.

I need to get out of the hotel and go somewhere else.

I also have to find another hotel to go to.

I’ve got a couple of flights that I need and there are a couple other things I need too.

The boutique has been my favourite hotel for the past few years, and it is not too far away from the airport.

The hotel is also close to the airport so I feel it is very important to stay there.

However, I cannot find a car and there is no parking in the area.

I can only park in the airport parking lot, which is completely full and is completely unhygienic.

I don’t understand why anyone would take a hotel so close to an airport.

I know the boutique is popular with travellers, but why would anyone take their keys to a hotel that is so far away?

The hotel has not provided any further comment.

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