Which are the best-selling dolls from the latest series of Mimi and Rosie?

The newest series of Disney Channel show Mimi & Rosie premieres on the Disney Channel on Tuesday.

Here’s what you need to know about the characters, their personalities and what to expect in the premiere episode.


Mimi is the sister of a girl named Rosie and has a sister named Bianca.

Rosie is a young girl who wears a tiara with a red heart on it.

The pair’s parents have a history of battling and are not pleased with her new appearance.

Rosies mother is a former nurse, while Mimi’s mother is the CEO of a jewelry company.

They are both in their twenties, but have grown up to be successful women.


Rosy is a tomboy who likes to wear girly outfits.

Rosalie is the daughter of a rich family and has dreams of being a model.

She is a princess in her own right and loves the outdoors.

She has long blonde hair and wears a white dress with a floral pattern.


Bianca is a younger sister who loves to draw.

She wears a dress that has a purple heart on the back.

She loves to play with dolls.

Biancalas mother is an artist, but her father, a lawyer, is jealous of her.

She lives with her grandmother and her sister in a house with a large yard.


Rosina is a strong-willed, confident tomboy with a big heart.

She doesn’t like to talk much and has an extremely shy personality.

She’s a tomboys mother and works at a clothing store.

She likes to do her best at being a princess, but is not shy about saying what she wants to.

She works hard and has the biggest heart of all.


Rosita is a bubbly, bubbly tomboy girl who has dreams to be a professional model.

Rosia is a girl who is always smiling and loves being a tomboya.

She and Rosina are the oldest of five siblings.


Bianne is a quiet tomboy.

She always wears a red dress with flower patterns on it, but loves to hang out with the girls.

Bianches father, an attorney, is a big fan of Rosie.

She does her best to be the best, but doesn’t really know what she is good at. 7.

Rosara is a girly tomboy and loves to paint.

She often takes her clothes off to reveal her body.

She also likes to play outside.

She spends her time hanging out with her friends and enjoying herself.


Biance is the most popular of the tomboys and the most successful in her school, but has a hard time expressing herself in school.

Biances father, who is also a lawyer and works as a consultant, is also jealous of the two girls.


Rosario is a shy tomboy, who doesn’t talk much to anyone and loves dressing up.

She enjoys playing dress up and hanging out in the backyard.

She usually plays games, but gets upset if people come over and see her.


Mami is the youngest and most popular tomboy in school and is always the last to go out.

She keeps to herself and is usually the last one out to her favorite restaurant for dinner.

She never speaks about her past life to anyone.


Rosi is the older sister of the twins.

She tries to be their best friend but is usually annoyed by them.

She feels guilty about her sisters mistakes.


Rosette is a sweet tomboy that loves to listen to music.

She looks up to Bianca and wants to be like her.


Rosio is the sweetest tomboy of the bunch and a tomboyle.

She acts as Bianca’s mother and wants nothing more than to be Bianca in her future.

She goes to school and has fun.


Rosalia is the oldest tomboy to date.

She tends to be shy and is quiet.

She uses her voice to tell people that she loves them.


Bianchi is a cute tomboy tomboy whose dream is to become a professional musician.

Biancas father, however, doesn’t care for her.

Bianchels mother, however does care for Bianchi and has taken Bianchi to concerts.


Biancola is a very outgoing tomboy but isn’t always in charge of things.

She sometimes worries that her sisters may be hurt by her.


Biancia is the first tomboy born to Bianchi, and has been a tombone since she was born.

She was always the most outgoing tombone of her family.


Rosiana is a more quiet tomboyle, but still has her feelings for the older tomboys.


Biancole is a talented tomboy from the family.

She started playing guitar when she was a little girl.

She plays jazz and classical music. 20

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