What’s the deal with the $100 million bachelorette ring?

Two women’s bachelorettes were reportedly married in Dubai in what the New York Post described as the most expensive wedding in the world.

A source told the newspaper the two were married at a palace hotel in the Emirate, in what is believed to be the largest wedding in modern history.

The source said the two women, who were not identified, had a total of $100,000 to spend, and that the ceremony took place on a yacht in the middle of the desert, on the beach at a nearby resort.

The wedding was held at a private home, and a source told BuzzFeed News that the couple’s wedding ring was on display in the bathroom of the home, which the source said was “totally empty.”

A spokesperson for the hotel, which is located in the heart of the emirate, confirmed to BuzzFeed News the two brides were married in the home.

A spokesperson said the palace has never seen such a high-end wedding, adding that they did not have any wedding guests.

They were, however, “very proud” of the wedding and “wish they had it any other way,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said that the Palace did not conduct any weddings on the island, adding “they are happy they chose Dubai.”

In 2017, the Palace reportedly paid for a yacht and helicopter flights to escort the bride from the wedding to her destination.

The palace also reportedly paid $200,000 for the wedding party to be escorted by a private jet.

The royal family and their wedding guests are said to have paid for luxury limousines, as well as a private helicopter, to take the bride to the ceremony.

A spokesman for the Palace told BuzzFeed, “We do not have an exact number of guests.”

He added, “The Palace is proud of the fact that its guests were able to enjoy the celebration on the most exclusive property in the country, with the most spectacular view.”

In the article, the source told The New York Times that the wedding took place in the royal residence, “which is a stunning structure,” which is “a spectacular structure” that “could easily accommodate a couple of couples.”

The article goes on to say that the bride wore a “high-end dress,” and that “the gown was a high quality gown” and that she “went into detail to make sure that she would have the best possible look in the dress.”

The source also revealed that “she did a lot of shopping” before the ceremony and “laid down the cash” for the lavish wedding, saying “she spent $100k for a ring and $100K for a wedding dress.”

“She did everything possible to make it as much as possible,” the source reportedly said.

“She spent $200k on a wedding ring, $100000 for a gown, and $200K on a helicopter to take her to the event.”

The sources claim that the groom and bride also “had a little fun” at the wedding, though the source also claimed “the groom was extremely drunk and did not attend the event, but the bride was in her own personal space.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to the Palace for comment and will update this story when we receive a response.

In 2016, the wedding cost $30 million to produce and cost $40 million to rent out.

A year later, a source at a luxury luxury hotel told BuzzFeed that the two bachelors “watched a couple from the back patio” while “they were at the ceremony.”

The hotel owner added that the guests at the event “were pretty drunk” and “had to stay out for quite a while.”

The New Yorker reported in 2015 that the first official “official” wedding for the two was the $5 million wedding of a couple who had been dating since 2012.

The bride, identified only as Ms. A, was the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and the daughter-in-law of the current U.S. president, Barack Obama.

The groom, identified as Mr. B, was married to a woman named Ms. L, who is a former wife of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The New Republic reported in 2014 that “most of the bride’s relatives are in the hotel,” and the source claimed that Ms. B’s “friends and acquaintances have all said she’s really a lovely girl and that this is the most exciting wedding they’ve ever seen.”

The wedding also featured an appearance by former Vice President Joe Biden.

A video of the ceremony has since gone viral.

The two have been married for two years, but only recently broke their engagement.

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