Peloton celebrates 25 years in business with new baby boy

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

A new baby in the family will be a big change for Peloton, and the bike brand hopes to take it one step further with a new boutique in Chicago.

The new boutique, called Baby Boy, will be the first baby-centric boutique in the country.

Peloton launched its first baby boutique, Baby Girl, in Chicago in 2014 and the company hopes to open another in the city next year.

“We have an amazing baby in our family and we wanted to celebrate that,” says Jodi Pascale, the brand’s chief marketing officer.

“It was a really important moment for our family, and for our brand, to come to Chicago and to be able to celebrate with baby boy and baby girl.”

Peloton will host a baby shower at the new boutique at the corner of Michigan and University in Chicago on Sunday, July 12.

Pascales says the brand will also be launching an exclusive baby clothes line for the first time, and will be holding a baby-themed fashion show.

“Baby boy is the most popular brand in the world,” Pascalos says.

“Our brand is very popular with boys, and we’re trying to be a little bit more welcoming for girls.”

Baby Boy is a new look for the company, which is known for its colorful baby apparel, and also has a line of clothing inspired by baby names.

Pescalos said the baby clothes will include a white shirt with a baby on it and a baby cap with a blue heart on the back.

Pelotons first baby was born in October 2014 at a hospital in Austin, Texas, and he was the only baby born at the time.

Paccales said the company’s first baby, who was about three months old, had to have a pacifier implanted, but that baby boy is now a happy, healthy baby.

Baby Boy will feature a baby blanket and a crib.

The brand will offer three colors of clothing for the baby, including a pink polo shirt and a red hoodie, which will be available for $150 a piece.

Baby boy and blue baby apparel will also go on sale starting July 13, including pants, pants with a black stripe and baby shoes, all of which are available for about $180.

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