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Lulus boutique is the brand of a pair of boutique logos designed by boutique branding agency Mura and published in October 2018.

The brand, a modern take on the traditional boutique design of the 1920s and 30s, is named after the two female characters of the 1930s classic song “The Lulus” from the film The Loves of Maria and Maria.

It was created with a focus on fashion and design, with its design incorporating vintage elements from the 1920’s and 30’s, with the theme of “sisterhood.”

The logo features two lumps representing two of the Lulus sisters, a pink triangle with a red rose, and a pink diamond.

The logo was designed by Mura creative director Lauren C. Bourgeois.

The word Lulus in Latin, meaning sister, and Mura, meaning boutique, were chosen to represent the women of the sisters’ outfits.

The design also features the word Mura in Latin (meaning “to be fashionable”) and is intended to evoke the vibe of the boutique.

The Lulus brand is a modern interpretation of the traditional American style of the early 1930s.

The original logo is a white circle with a blue star on a black background.

This design is currently available on the Mura boutique website, as well as the Muro boutique website.

The color blue is a common color for vintage clothing and accessories.

It is the same color as the color that the Luli sisters wear in the film, and the same shade of blue used in the Lulu boutique logo.

“The concept behind the Mira and Muro logo was to capture the essence of the two Lulus,” Bourgeois said.

“It is a playful, fun, playful brand.

We are excited to work with them and bring this timeless design to life.”

A similar Lulus design was published in the March 2018 issue of Dazed Magazine.

“Our brand is an extension of the modern aesthetic,” Mura designer Rachel Tompkins said.

“[It] captures the spirit of the era by capturing the spirit and the character of the women who wear it.”

The Lules sisters wore a black coat with a white shirt underneath, as was the theme for their clothing.

The girls also sported a pair for their skirts, a style they still wear today.

The sisters also sport the traditional dress of the time, a dark green long-sleeved cotton, lace-up dress with a skirt that is worn by Lulus.

The clothing in the original logo, like the rest of the design, is in white.

The women’s coats are black and blue with gold accents.

The lettering on the coat is red and is the word Luli, which is the name of the girls’ sisters in the song “Maria.”

The sisters wore their coats, skirts, and dresses in a way that mimicked their style of dress, and with the use of white, it was a subtle statement to them.

They wore their lumps as if they were lumps of clay in the fabric, Bourgeois explained.

The silhouette of the lumps also reminds the women that they were a sister, which was important to them as women of color.

The concept behind Mura’s logo was that the sisters were meant to be a sisterhood of sorts.

“I really wanted to make them look as a sister,” Tompkin said.

The Mura logo is one of the few brands that features a “B” on the logo.

In contrast, the Luro logo features an “O” in the shape of a heart.

This is a subtle indication of how the two brands are different in the logo’s design.

“We wanted to show the sisters how sisters should feel about themselves,” Bommers said.

Lulus was created by Mira in conjunction with the Mural brand, which also has a focus in fashion.

The two companies are a collaboration between the two major designers in the field of vintage fashion.

Mura was founded in 2018 by Bourgeois and Tompers.

The firm’s design team, which includes Bourgeois, Tomp, and Bexinne Smith, has been designing brands in the retro fashion category since 2010.

Tomp is also an Mura consultant.

Bexins Smith is an associate designer on the brand.

The three designers worked closely with Mura to develop the design and have also collaborated with Muro on its design for the Mora boutique website and the Mure boutique website in 2018.

Bommes Smith said the Mursas and Mures designs reflect their respective personalities.

“Bexinnes is very outgoing and outgoing, and she likes to express herself,” Bexinos said.

Muro, on the other hand, is an independent design agency and has no ties to either brand.

“Mura is a brand that is driven by women of all sizes and shapes and colors and colors in general,” Beminys

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