How to get your favourite post-apocalyptic beauty posts back online

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

This is the moment bloggers are dying to have back on the internet, and it’s all thanks to the new thread system at Beauty boutique Columbus.

Beauty boutique Columbo has had its forum deleted, but the thread system that allows us to post here will stay.

The forum, which is operated by Beauty boutique owner and former New Zealand model, Jazmin Dufreu, is a place where you can post your favourite posts from your favourite bloggers.

It’s been used to promote the likes of Zoya, Colour Pop, L’Oreal and Lancome, but is now under attack by people who want to delete it.

“There are some people who don’t want the forum to exist,” Dufresu said.

They’re not happy about it, so they are trying to take it down and ban posts, or at least take it offline.

“We just don’t like the idea of people posting things we don’t approve of,” she said.

“If they go ahead and ban something that we don´t approve of, then we’re going to be disappointed.”

Ms Dufrau said she had been using the forum as a way to promote her own brand and other beauty products.

“People come here, they go to a beauty salon, they come to the spa, they want to buy my products, and they come here and they post, and we have all of our products there,” she told ABC Radio New Zealand.

We want to promote our own brand.

When you come to Beauty boutique, you’ll be able to post your favourites here.

Beauty Boutique Columbo is now closed.

This is the latest in a long line of forum deletions at the beauty giant.

In January, Beauty boutique in Brisbane, Australia, was also closed down, after posts were deleted for being “inconsistent with our ethos”.

“We are proud of the platform that we have and we want to keep it as a platform for all the great beauty brands,” a spokesperson for Beauty Boutique told ABC News.

Some of the other forum deletations were from other beauty giants, like Lancome.

Lancome’s forum has also been deleted, and its community has been threatened with banishment.

“There is a lot of people out there who don´re going to do anything that we wouldn’t condone, and I don’t think they want us to do that, so that is the sad part,” Ms Dufrasu said, adding that she wanted to see the forum back online.

So why have we shut down a forum for beauty?

It was only recently that we noticed that a lot more people were using the forums to promote their own brands and other products, so the idea that we could ban anyone was quite new, she said, with many of the posts being deleted because they were inconsistent with our own ethos.

“So it was pretty scary,” she laughed.

Ms Duffrasu, who owns Beauty Boutiques boutique in Columbo, said she was also concerned about the ability of her brand to attract a large audience.

“I’m just concerned about my brand getting into the hands of a lot people who are not our target audience, so I think that will hurt our brand, but I’m not worried about that.”

It’s a dilemma for the beauty industry, which has long relied on online communities to connect with customers, and the ability to be an outlet for customers to talk to their friends about beauty products, brands and beauty products is increasingly critical to its growth.

“The beauty community has always been really supportive of our brand and our beauty products and we’ve always taken it seriously,” Ms Fussell said.

Ms Fussel said it was important to her to have a forum that was open to everyone.

However, Ms Duffrau’s experience has led her to believe the forum should stay.

“It’s not the forum that has caused us so much pain, it’s the forum itself that has been so difficult,” she added.

You can see more of Columbo’s posts in our gallery here.

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