How to build a home in your local village

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The village of Chikamala in Bihar’s Jharkhand province is home to many children who need special attention.

They all live in special schools, and they all need special supplies to learn.

Chikamba is the home of Francesca’s.

Francesca works at the bakery and lives on the first floor.

“The bakery is always full,” she says.

We are all working together, but it is difficult.” “

It is a very hard time for them.

We are all working together, but it is difficult.”

Francesca and her husband are part of the village’s ‘special schools’.

The school is a school of sorts for them and they get together with the teachers for breakfast and lunch.

They also help in the kitchen.

“The school is the place where we spend time with our kids,” Francesca says.

“We help each other with things, so the whole family is there.

They do a lot of things together.”

Children also have their own school. 

Francesco’s children are enrolled at the school for a few hours a day.

The school was founded in 1872 by a teacher who had learnt cooking from a master of the art in the town.

“I remember the time when I was in school,” Francesco recalls.

“They made me cook, and when I finished I said, ‘Oh, I learnt how to cook in the village,’ because we had not learnt that in our own house.

My mother was also a teacher.

She was a special teacher, and we had a special relationship.”

The next day, the school’s principal came and gave them a lesson in cooking.

“My mother made me bake a cake and served it with butter and sugar,” Francesa says. 

“She had cooked cakes in the past and they were very rich and very tasty,” Franceschi adds. 

‘I had to learn how to love food’The couple are not the only ones learning cooking.

Francesco says, “I had my first lesson in how to make a bread cake, and that is how I learnt to love and respect food.”

When Francesca was six years old, she was invited to the family’s ancestral home in Kurukshetra.

The family moved to this village about 15 years ago.

Franceschi says, “I wanted to be a part of our village because we were poor and we needed some help.” 

“My mother, who was the cook, used to cook the traditional bread, which we did not eat.

I wanted to know how to do it.

I was the first girl in the family to do this,” Francescan says.”

I had a little sister, so I had to do the cooking and make the cakes.

“In our village, we did our cooking together and there was a lot that I learned. “

When I came here, I wanted the family, and I thought, I want to learn to be the cook.”

“In our village, we did our cooking together and there was a lot that I learned.

We learnt how a biryani was made.

We learned how to prepare rice.

We also learnt how we were supposed to eat rice,” Franceschia adds.

Frustrated by the fact that the family is not able to afford proper cooking skills, Francesca is currently doing everything she can to make money from her skills.

She started working at the shop where her mother works.

Frustration over the lack of cooking skills is also one of the reasons why she has become a ‘proud cook’.

“We all have to learn some cooking.

I am not a professional cook, but I am a proud cook,” she explains.

This week, Franceschi and Francesca will celebrate Francesca and Franceschi’s 50th wedding anniversary. 

It was Francesca who first realised how important it was to teach her family how to eat.

She would say, “We do not have the money for food, so let’s teach you how to feed yourself.” 

‘Our village has changed a lot’ ‘There is no one to come here and make food for us’  After Francesca began working at her father’s bakery, Franceschi realised that there was no one there to make her cake.

“She would have to go and collect some ingredients from the village.

I would have had to teach them how to work in the bakery, and then they would have done their work,” Francescchi explains. 

However, Francescan was not happy with the way her father cooked.

“If you look at the old days, when my mother was making bread, it was a very special time.

There were no problems,” she remembers.

In fact, the family has changed quite a lot.

“Now, we have a house and we have children

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