How ‘Honey Child’ won over a bride in ‘The Bachelor’

July 22, 2021 0 Comments

When “The Bachelor” star Josh Wigler asked his newlywed wife of 13 years to pick his favorite bridal gown, he was surprised when she said “Honey.”

The bride wore the gown on her bridal night and her husband told “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that he was “blown away.”

Wiglers sister was thrilled by the gown.

“That was a dream come true,” Wigels sister, Melissa Wigleson, said.

“She has such a beautiful style.

I was just so proud of her.”

A bride at a bridal salon in New York in 2015.

A bride at an event for the Bridal Salon Association of America in 2016.

A groom in an event at a boutique in New Orleans in 2016.(Photo: Chris Hondros, Getty Images)Wiglers wife, Jessica, told “Ellen” that her mom always told her to dress for the wedding, and she was “never disappointed” when she got to choose the wedding gown.

Wigelman’s bridal party was dressed in their favorite wedding gowns.

“I got a really amazing dress from the H&M boutique in L.A.,” Wiglin said.

“The way I chose it, it was a combination of vintage and contemporary,” she said.

Wigler said she was blown away by the bride’s dress, but that she also had a few more things she wanted to discuss before she and her family were able to pick a gown.

“I wanted to show you how it’s made, because that was really important to me,” she told Wigals mom.

Wigs mom, Melissa, told Wigs dad, Chris, that she loved his wedding dress.

“That was one of my favorite wedding dresses of all time,” she recalled.

“My mom told me she wanted me to buy it because it was her favorite dress.”

Melissa said she wanted Wiglens bridesmaids to wear the gown so that she could talk to them about what it was like to have a wedding gown for their bridesday.

“It was really nice to be able to say, ‘This is what we wore, this is what our moms wore, and this is how we wore it,'” she said of the wedding dress’s “seamless design.”

Wiglin’s mother, Melissa said that her daughter was “so happy” with her wedding gown and that she “always loved it” to the point that she had “no idea what she was wearing.”

Wigs mother said she “loves” her daughter and she’s glad she’s “getting the same wedding dress every year.”

“She’s getting her own wedding gown, and that’s great,” she added.

“My mom always tells me that we can’t wait until we have children,” Melissa said.

The couple plans to have their first child in 2018.

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