When is a dress not a dress? – Curvy boutique says no

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

A boutique in Mumbai has come under fire after stating it will not sell a dress that looks like a curvaceous bra and instead charge customers Rs 100 for the privilege.

According to the owner of the Curvy Bridal, Sharmila Tiwari, the dress has a “short cut” and “gorgeous colour”, but it is “not a bra” and the customers should pay for it.

The dress was bought by a customer who is looking for a wedding dress and is now seeking to change the price to Rs 100, Tiwary says.

She says the dress should be priced at Rs 25.

“We can’t sell it, but if you want a wedding, you have to pay Rs 50, if you need a wedding to be a ‘dress’, you have got to pay 60,” Tiwarya told CNN-IBN.

“This is a simple dress.

If you want it to be something else, you will have to change it.”

Tiwary, who runs the Curvaceous Boutique in Mangaluru, said the dress is meant for women who do not have any type of bra.

She said the owner has asked her to change its price.

Tiwari has been in the business for more than 10 years.

She started the shop in 2008, selling traditional Indian dress and accessories.

She told CNN that in the past, she has sold dresses for the wedding market.

“We sell dresses in the market, but for the bride’s wedding, we can’t make a dress, because we don’t have the money to do it,” she said.

Tihari said she has been making dresses for weddings since 2009, and she also makes other types of clothes.

Tiwarian has been quoted as saying that the dress can be purchased for Rs 50 from the curvy boutique for “one night” at a time.

She also said that customers are not allowed to ask for any changes to the dress.

The dress is made of cotton and linen, and the owner said the price has been raised because the dress costs more to produce.

The owner of Curvy Boutique said she is now “furious” about the “misunderstanding”.

“My husband’s wife, my children and I have no money to buy the dress, so how can we ask her to buy a dress she can’t afford?” she said in a Facebook post.

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