When the boutique is ready to move to New York

June 19, 2021 0 Comments

The boutique that makes the best jeans in New York is going to move.

The boutique has been quietly relocating to a new space at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, a move that will allow it to begin building its Brooklyn headquarters in early 2017, according to a source familiar with the move.

The move comes as the luxury-goods retailer’s sales have been falling and its profits have been hit by high interest rates and a weakening dollar.

The boutique, which had been based in the Bronx, moved to a more affluent location in Brooklyn in 2010 and moved again in 2015 to its current location in East Harlem, which is a much more expensive area to rent than its former location.

The move is not expected to be as significant as the move of the flagship stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but it is a departure from the boutique’s longtime headquarters in New Jersey.

“This move is a very positive development for the boutique,” said Chris Pinto, a New York City real estate attorney.

“We are happy that the boutique has found a new home and will be able to build the new office space for the brand that will have better access to customers in the New York market.”

The boutique, with its iconic logo and high-end collections, has long been a fixture in the city’s upscale neighborhoods and its stores in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan have drawn customers from around the world.

Its current headquarters is in Brooklyn, which also includes its offices in Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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